7 November 2013

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Ukraine has apopinted the London lawfirm Lawrence Graham to uncover the Lazarenko and Tymochenko’s money worldwide

The Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine has begun legal process in the United States of America and in Switzerland to protect the interests of

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Press Release OCO : Organized crime in Ukraine

Geneva, October 21, 2013 – Over US$5 Billion of monies supposedly belonging to Kirchners might have been laundered into Swiss banks at least sinc

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Argentine : Embezzelment and Corruption

The website www.transparencyreport.org publishes the whole database used by the Parliamentary Commission (Carrio Commission) to edit their report on

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Las bóvedas suizas del kirchnerismo (Spanish Edition)

Para lavar dinero a gran escala hay dos opciones: o se organiza una estructura propia o se contrata el montaje de estructuras que disimulen el origen

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The OCO will release its first intermediary report on organized crime and public corruption in Ukraine on the 12 of November 2013

Since september 2013, the OCO is conducting an assessement of the organized crime and public corruption situation in Ukraine. The final objectiv

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