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Investigation Case Study: The Vampire Ship

The Vampire Ship How the seizure of Europe’s largest heroin shipment created bloody fallout throughout the world—and sparked still-raging politica

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La “guerre” d’un procureur anti-mafia au procès de la ‘Ndrangheta

12 Septembre 2019 Article de Le Vif, Ann-Sophie Bailly   Des années d’enquête, des montagnes de dossiers, des centaines de suspects, quelques

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WARNING: Fake, Falsified and Substandard Medical Products and Medicines

New York, 2 April 2020 – The Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT) issued a statement today, warning consumers about the risks

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Rétrospective au sujet de la conférence de l’OCO – Organized Crime and Better Governance

Rétrospective au sujet de la conférence de l'OCO - Organized Crime and Better Governance

Au sein du Palais des Nations, du 31 octobre au 1er novembre 2019, l’OCO a réuni une dizaine de conférencier venus de Chine, du Brésil, du Canada,

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ESurv employees allegedly spied on unwitting Italian citizens.

After successfully creating a health care app for doctors to view medical records, Diego Fasano, an Italian entrepreneur, got some well-timed advic

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Support of the Free Media for Democracy project (Serbia)

OCO is round to support the project « Free Media for Democracy » in Serbia leaded by Boris Malagurski’s Association Filmosophy. T

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TRACFIN – Publication d’un nouveau rapport

Tracfin publie son cinquième rapport annuel consacré à l’analyse des tendances et des risques en matière de blanchiment de capitaux et d

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Research Project – call for sources or information in Ghana, Nigeria, DRC, Kenya, Uganda

In the preparation of a 2020 research project on the enhancement of the authorities registers and e-administration empowerment in sub-Saharan African

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Report on the debate regarding EU cash payment limitations

The inception impact assessment (IIA) is ill-conceived, not grounded on firm empirical evidence and harmful to both crime control and the legitimat

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Hotspots of Organized Crime in the Western Balkans

Since the end of 2018, protestors in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia have been taking to the streets to express their frustration and anger at

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