The Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, Politihøgskolen and the Center for Complex Operations warmly invite you to join the Oslo launch of the National Defence University’s edited volume of essays looking at transnational threats: trends, enablers and impacts. The book “Beyond Convergence: World without Order” is a sequel to the very successful 2013 volume of “Convergence: Illicit networks and national security”.

This book suggests that the last 10 years have witnessed “the emergence of a highly adaptive and parasitic alternative ecosystem, based on criminal commerce and extreme violence, with little regard for what we commonly conceive of as the public interest or the public good”. What are the consequences of such an emerging criminal ecosystem on national security, state fragility, and overall global system of states?

This event is an opportunity to explore some of the findings of a recent U.S. National Defense University project on the emergence, over the past ten years, of a ‘highly adaptive and parasitic’ criminal ecosystem. The panelists will explore its consequences for national security, state fragility and the global order.

We will have the pleasure of hosting not only one of the editors of the volume but also different authors of chapters around the topic of terrorism and organised crime:

  • Nils Gilman, Chancellor, University of Berkley
  • Michael Miklaucic, Director of Research, U.S. National Defense University
  • Mark Shaw, Director, Global Initiative
  • Celina Realuyo, Professor of Practice, U.S. National Defense University

Tuesday Reitano, Deputy Director, Global Initiative