Project Organised Crime Portfolio (OCP) (HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/FINEC/400000222) is funded by EU Commission, DG Home Affairs and is carried out by an international consortium coordinated by Transcrime – Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore (Milan, Italy) and constituted by 7 other partners.

It aims to study the investments of organised crime (OC) in the EU and to analyse their impact on legitimate markets. In particular, the project has two objectives:

  1. To assess the availability of data of OC investments in EU MS with particular regard to statistics on confiscated assets;
  2. To give an exploratory assessment of the investments of OC, using the available data.

By focusing on the origin, magnitude, uses and types of investments of illicit proceeds, the research provides information on:

  • The main drivers behind the investment choices of OC groups;
  • The amount of criminal finances reinvested in criminal activities versus legal activities;
  • The type of assets, markets and sectors where OC groups invest.

Project OCP will:

  • Provide the EU Commission with instruments to encourage the production and collection of harmonized data across Europe;
  • Expand the databases of Financial Intelligence Units (FIU), Asset Recovery Offices (ARO), Law enforcement agencies (LEA) helpful to trace criminal assets;
  • Allow EU stakeholders to develop horizontal methods and tools to strategically prevent and fight organised and financial crime.